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ACM Digital Library   (Association of Computing Machinery)  
  • ACM Journals (44) + ACM Classic Books Series + Conference Proceedings

ACS Publication Package

Adam Mathew Digital Collections

Church Missionary Society Periodicals

Defining Gender  

East India Company 

India, Raj and Empire


ALUKA  (Free to JSTOR Users)  

  • Digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa

American Chemical Society (ACS) From eSS  Consortium  

  1. Full Text Journals (37)
  2. ARCHIVES (Perpetual Access)   [Click for List]

American Institute of Physics (AIP) From eSS  Consortium  

  1. Full Text Journals (18)
  2. ARCHIVES (8) (Perpetual Access)     [Click for List
American Physical Society  (APS) From eSS  Consortium     
  1. Full Text Journals (10)
  2. ARCHIVES (Perpetual Access)
  3. Physical Reviews Online Archive (PROLA) - Search engine for all APS journal material from 1893 to present     [Click for List]

Annual Reviews (AR) Multidisciplinary   

  1. Full Text 33
  2. ARCHIVES V.1 to 2003 (Subscribed for Perpetual Access)      [Click for List]

ARTSTOR Digital Library  Image Collections 

  • The ARTstor Digital Library provides more than one million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences with an accessible suite of software tools for teaching and research. It comprises contributions from outstanding international museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, and artists and artists' estates

Bloomsbury Drama Online
  • Access to over 2,000 plays, 350 audio plays and over 80 hours of video from leading theatre publishers and companies including Methuen Drama and The Arden Shakespeare, as well as Faber and Faber, L.A. Theatre Works, Nick Hern Books and Shakespeare’s Globe.


Cambridge eSS Humanities and Social Sciences ( List of 262 Titles)

Cambridge eSS Science and Technology (List of 134 Titles)

Cambridge Books Online

List of E-Books Subscribed from Cambridge University Press. CLICK


Cambridge Econometric Society Monographs (ESM)   

Cambridge University Press

  • Full Text Monographs (Current) + ARCHIVES (Perpetual Access)

Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) Multidisciplinary

(Discontinued by e-Shodhsindhu Consortium from 2017)

  • Full Text Journals (224) (1997 to 2016)

CELL Press

  • Full Text Journals (16)

CMIE Economic Outlook 

Users are required to pass through the following steps to access the content.

  1. Open URL

  2. Register with their authorized e-mail mentioning your (choice of) User Id. 

  3. Password will be sent by the publishers to the registered email

  4. Note the user id (created by you) and the password (sent to your email)

  5. Access the databases  @

  6. Login the database passing through agreement form

  7. Access database content


CMIE ProwessIQ  


For accessing data from Prowess database of financial performance of companies.

  • Download and install ProwessIQ user interface Software from the link

  • This application can be installed on any computer running on Windows.  File size: 11.86 MB

EBSCO HOST  Multidisciplinary  

Full Text Journals from different publishers with back files

Remote Login Facility is restricted only to Faculty on Request

  1. Academic Search Complete

  2. Business Source Complete

  3. Literary Reference Centre Plus 

  4. Education Research Complete

Economic and Political Weekly (EPW Online) From eSS  Consortium  

  • Full Text Journal (1 Title)

  • EPW INDEX 1966-1996 (View /Download PDF)

EPWRFITS India Time Series

  • Click on Log-in Button without changing the default user id and password displayed on the database home page. Please Logout (TAB Available in Menu) after using the database .


Elsevier SCOPUS Multidisciplinary

  • The abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize scholarly research.

Emerald Insight (Management and Library & Information Science)
  • 175 Full text Journals available only for the period 2009-2013
  • 175 Full text Journals
  • 133 Full text journals from e-Shodhsindhu
  • 25 Full text E-Books
Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Gale Literature Criticism Online


English Grammar / Spelling/ Usage Check Tool

Guidelines to set up access (Click to Register)

  1. Ensure that users are registering from their   ***  or *** domain mail ID.

  2. Upload documents or paste the text for contextual spelling / grammar / punctuation / sentence structure / style / plagiarism checking / vocabulary suggestions or corrections


IEL Online - (5 users) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

  • Full Text Journals (241) + Transactions, Magazines, Standards &  Conf. Proceedings


  • Indian Full Text Journals

Indian Citation Index  

  • Research & Evaluation Tool for Indian literature

IndiaStat [Statistical Database]
  • After opening the database CLICK on IP Login on horizontal menu bar to access data

  • Statistics and Socioeconomic data on India collected from best information sources

Institute of Physics (IOP)   

  1. Full Text Journals (86) + ARCHIVES (Perpetual Access)    

  2. Journal of Physics - Conference Proceeding Series

ISID  Institute for Studies in Industrial Development From eSS  Consortium     

  • Databases on Indian economy (Industry & Corporate Sector) 

  • On-line Indexes of Indian Social Science Journals (OLI)

  • Press Clippings on diverse social science subjects

J-Gate from eSS Consortium Multidisciplinary Document Delivery Portal

(J-Gate Cus Content For Consortia)

M/s Informatics India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore           

  • All Infonet member universities can avail the document delivery facility Journal articles from 26 host Universities. IGM Library (HCU) is one of the host university library

JSTOR  From eSS Consortium  

  • Full Text Journals ARCHIVES Only (2073)

MathSciNet American Mathematical Society From eSS  Consortium     

  • Mathematical Reviews & Current Mathematical Publications

  • (From 1940 to Current )

Oxford English Dictionary through OED Online

Oxford University Press (OUP) Multidisciplinary Database From eSS  Consortium     

  1. Full Text Journals (206) 
  2. ARCHIVES (170) 1949 - 1995 (Perpetual Access)  [Click for List]

PORTLAND Press Database

  • Full Text Journals (9)

PROJECT Euclid  Cornell University Library Database

  • Full Text Journals (35)

Project Muse  John Hopkins University Multidisciplinary  Database From eSS  Consortium     

  • Full Text Journals (493)


Literature Online


Social Science Premium Collection (List of 8238 titles)

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Database  
  1. Full Text Journals (29)
  2. ARCHIVES (70) (Perpetual Access)  [Click for List]

RSC Abstracts (6) Royal Society of Chemistry 

  • Bibliographic Search Database

  1. Analytical Abstracts
  2. Catalysts & Catalyzed Reactions  
  3. Chemical Hazards in Industry
  4. Laboratory Hazards Bulletin
  5. Methods in Organic Synthesis
  6. Natural Product Update

Sage - Business Cases

Title list of Sage Business Cases - 2022                                                                                                                                          

ScienceDirect - Elsevier Group (Multidisciplinary) 

  1. Full Text Journals subscribed from Elsevier 
  2. Journal Archives (Perpetual Access)

    a) Biochemistry, Genetics & Mol. Biology with Supplements  (145)     [Click for List]]
    b) Organic Chemistry with Supplements (15)  [Click for List]
    c) Basic Science Collection (260) -
    [Click for List]

    1. Physical and Analytical Chemistry (47)

    2. Inorganic Chemistry (10)

    3. Physics General (70)

    4. High Energy Nuclear Physics and Astronomy (41) and

    5. Mathematics (65)   

*Please Note

(Library provides Unsubscribed articles from Sciencedirect to university faculty and research scholars on request)

Contact - Head / Periodical Section


Science Online (1 Title)

American Assn. for the Advancement of Science

SciFinder Scholar  Chemical Abstracts Service     

(From 1907 to till date) Bibliographic Search Database

  • Users have to register once to access SciFinder on the UoH Campus.

  • Faculty, students and staff with a valid UoH e-mail account can register to access SciFinder.

  • Click here to read/download User Manual on the web version of SciFinder

  • Please double click on the URL given below and register yourself (only once) to access SciFinder

SIAM Online Society for Industrial Applied Mathematics    

  1. Full Text Journals (14)
  2. SIAM Locus - ARCHIVES 1953-1996 (17) (Perpetual Access) [Click for List]

Springer  Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)  

  1. Current Lecture Notes Full Text (2009-Current)
  2. ARCHIVES (Vol. No.1 to Vols. 2008) (Perpetual Access)


Springer NATURE Online  Nature Publishing Group  1 Online Journal

  1. 1987-1996 Archives for Perpetual Access

  2. 1997 to Current year




Springer Link (Springer & Kluwer) Multidisciplinary From eSS  Consortium     

  1. Full Text Journals (1763)
  2. Online Journals Archives v.1 to 1996 (Springer OJA)  (Subscribed for Perpetual Access)
Springer E-Books (Published between 2005-2010) (2889) (Subscribed for Perpetual Access)  
  1. List of E-Books subscribed from Springer - 2022

  2. Biomedical and Life Sciences  

  3. Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Books marked in green  have full text access.
  • Books Published between 2005-2010 can be viewed by the year of copyright.
  • Apply Filters for selecting books by year or by sub -subject
Springer Protocols
  • Database of reproducible laboratory protocols in the Life and Biomedical Sciences from - Humana Press book series - Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods in Molecular Medicine, Methods in Biotechnology, Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Neuromethods, as well as laboratory Handbooks such as The Biomethods Handbook, The Proteomics Handbook, and the Springer Laboratory Manuals.

Turnitin - Plagiarism (Text Similarity Detection) Tool

  • It is mandatory to screen PhD, M.Phil Dissertations and Projects for plagiarism (similarity) before submitting to the university.  University permits  similarity up to 10%.  

  • Turnitin access is provided to limited number of faculty members  in each school for screening students draft work. While screening, the Draft work should not be saved to Turnitin Repository. 

  • Library is screening the final manuscript through Turnitin  and certify the similarity report before submission to university.

    • Please Submit Details Online to IT Section Library and email your document to

    • Please submit all chapters combing together - Introduction to Conclusion only  in PDF Format. Remove preliminary pages, chapter-wise references. File should be within 20mb or 400 pages.

    • Library will send the 'report' through the same mail.

    • Please bring  print part of similarity score for Library certification.

  • This service is limited to UOH Academic Community

For more about plagiarism, links and  university policy  CLICK

Taylor & Francis Online  Multidisciplinary Taylor & Francis  Group From eSS  Consortium    

Taylor & Francis



Thieme Chemistry Journals (List of 5 titles)

Wiley Online Library   John Wiley (Merged Blackwell Synergy) Multidisciplinary 

Web of Science  Thomson Reuters From eSS  Consortium    
  • Bibliographic Search Database and Citations

  • EndNote

World eBook Library  - Academic e-Books database