NBHM - Regional Library

 (Mathematics & Statistics)

The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) was formed by the Department of Atomic Energy to foster the development of higher mathematics in the country, help in the establishment and development of mathematics centres and give financial assistance to research projects and to doctoral and post-doctoral scholars. NBHM provides library facilities to research scholars in mathematics and faculty of other Universities and academic institutions for reference and to provide photocopy facility of research papers. NBHM  identified 12 "Regional Libraries" to cater to the needs of this region in which they are located. Click here for details about DAE.

The National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) has recognized Indira Gandhi Memorial library, University of Hyderabad in the year 1993, as a regional library to enable the faculty and research students from other universities/colleges in the region to use the facilities offered by the library for their research work or references of Mathematics/Statistics journals as well as books. The NBHM provides generous funds for the IGM Library to purchase books, National and International journals in mathematics and statistics.

Users can get the research articles from the Mathematics/Statistics journals subscribed in this university by paying  Rs 0.50 per page for photocopying.

Journals Subscribed for the year 2016

  1. Acta Mathematica

  2. Advances in Mathematics

  3. Annals of Mathematics

  4. Asian Journal of Mathematics

  5. Colloquium Mathmaticum

  6. Communications in Algebra

  7. European Journal of Applied Mathematics

  8. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics

  9. Inventiones Mathematicae

  10. Journal of Algebra

  11. Journal of Engineering Mathematics

  12. Journal of Fluid Mechanics

  13. Journal of Functional Analysis

  14. Journal of Number Theory

  15. Journal of the London Mathematical Society

  16. Linear Algebra and Its Applications

  17. Pacific Journal of Mathematics

  18. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society

  19. Publications Mathematiques De IHES

  20. Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics

  21. Russian Mathematical Surveys

  22. Studia Mathematika

  23. Studies in Applied Mathematics

  24. Topology & Its Applications

  25. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society

  26. ZAMM

  27. ZAMP

the Journals subscribed by the Depts. of Mathematics & Statistics  - Click Here